The Challenge

The Chocolate Town Challenges strive to promote health and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in wellness events held in Hershey The Sweetest Place on Earth. The Hershey 10K and Hershey Half Marathon are timed race events that take you through Hersheypark and throughout the town of Hershey.

In recognition of our participants that are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle while raising money for local Central Pennsylvania charities, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is proud to provide gifts to those who participate in our Anniversary Challenge:

The 5th Anniversary Challenge

Participants who participated in the Hershey 10K and Hershey Half Marathon for at least five years will receive a commemorative gift for their accomplishments.

Hershey Half Marathon participants were first eligible to receive a gift in 2014 but will continue to be recognized as soon as they complete the event for the fifth year. Runners may pick up their 5 year participant gift at Hersheypark Stadium on Saturday, October 14 from 10 am- 5 pm, or on Sunday, October 15 from 6 am - 11 am. Hershey 10K participants will first be eligible for a gift in 2016.

Participation years need not be consecutive for the 5th Anniversary Challenge. All gifts are subject to change.


Those who are eligible for the 5th Anniversary Challenge will be notified by a staff member of the Chocolate Town Challenges operations team via email. Gifts will be available for pick-up at the following locations:

  • Hershey 10K: Packet pick-up on Friday, April 7, 2017 12 PM - 8 PM or on race day from 6 AM - 10 AM
  • Hershey Half Marathon: Date to be determined

*If you are not available to pick-up on the dates listed above, gifts can be picked up by appointment once event concludes.

Participants must have registered via or, the official event registration sites, in order to be qualified. If you participated in any event via bib transfer, you are not eligible.

Once you receive the 5th Anniversary Challenge gift for a specific event, you will no longer be eligible to receive the same gift for the same event again.

EXAMPLE: If you received the 5th Anniversary Challenge gift in 2014 for the Hershey Half Marathon, you are no longer eligible to receive another Anniversary Challenge gift for the Hershey Half Marathon because you already received it in 2014.

Should you have any questions regarding THE CHALLENGE, or believe you qualify for one of the above awards but did not hear from us, please email with the subject: THE CHALLENGE.